Surefire Ways to Get Your Mustang GT Going Faster

How to Improve Performance of Your Mustang GT 

Some Tips for Making Your Mustang GT Faster and Better

No matter how much you love your pony, there might not be enough giddy-up for your taste. The performance of your 2021 Mustang GT can be upgraded with a few tips, 

Change Out the Tires and Wheels for Better Mustang Performance

The right combination of tires and wheels can make a big difference in the performance of your Mustang GT. Invest in a larger size of wheels and tires that hug the road more effectively. These changes will allow your Mustang GT to corner better while helping to ensure safer adherence to the asphalt. 

Exhaust System Overhaul for a Faster Mustang GT

The more efficiently you can release the exhaust from your Mustang, the better quality of ride you will get. Consider upgrading your exhaust system periodically to make sure you are reaping the benefits from the newest products available. Each improvement you make will enhance your 2021 Mustang GT performance and the overall value of your vehicle. 

A Cooler Engine Means Improved Mustang Performance

While drivers often place importance on “warming up” an engine, cooling it down is actually better. Potential plusses of modifying your 2021 Mustang GT to include a cold air intake are better gas mileage and increased horsepower. The cool air that will give you some extra oomph will also help keep your engine from getting too hot.

Upgraded Suspension Equals More Speed for Your Mustang GT

The wrong suspension system for your car can drag you down when you want to be letting out all the stops on the open road. Install stiffer coil springs that sit lower to the ground. This suspension, along with shocks that are more performance-enhanced, will result in your being able to handle with more reliability and control as you increase your speed.

Better Cornering with Anti-Roll Bars on Your Mustang GT

Roll bars in themselves will not make your car faster, but the anti-roll feature will improve your Mustang performance when rounding corners and taking curves on switchbacks and similar roads. Your car will be less apt to tilt to one side or other, making you safer as you go around a curve. 

Make Sure Brakes Are Up to Speed for Maximum Mustang Performance

Regardless of how fast you want to go, your brake system needs to be top-notch. Braided steel brake lines will help you to control the braking pressure in town, out on the highway, and in all types of weather. Again, speed itself might not be directly affected, but performance and safety while driving will be.

Implementing some or all of these Mustang performance tips will make driving more fun than ever. Get out there, be safe, and most of all, enjoy the ride!