Superb Ksar Char-Bagh Resort in Marrakech

Next time you visit Marrakech, try staying at Ksar Char-Bagh, outside the medina, also known as the Old City. The exquisite resort is close to the beautiful Atlas Mountains, which ensures superb views that anyone would be happy to enjoy every morning. Only 5 minutes away from the international airport, this is an easy place to reach, and it also offers a high level of tranquility.

Superb and serene gardens, traditional harims and beautiful hammams await the tired with many different ways of helping them forget about all their worries. The buildings flaunt wonderful Moorish influences and a truly  impressive level of details, a feature that is specific to this part of the world. They offer the best of the traditional Islamic characteristics combined with the most sought after contemporary amenities.

Depending on what your idea of luxury and comfort is, you can choose between the different available accommodation facilities. They range from standard suites to huge opulent ones with private terraces and pools. They all boast luxe amenities, expensive fabrics, high-end furnishings and custom designs. But as much as you will love your suite, we are sure that you will not be able to spend much time in it, because the gorgeous surroundings will call you outside every day. The library, the gardens, the outdoor pool, the old olive trees, they are all invitations to leave your room and enjoy the high life.