Superb Gold and Silver-Plated Chess Sets by Piero Benzoni

For those who are truly passionate about artistic chess sets, artist Piero Benzoni has created some truly astonishing pieces, boards and even tables. Whenever you feel like playing the game in an elegant and plush ambiance, these exquisite handmade creations will always be the perfect ingredients for a game of luxury chess.

His creations are made of solid brass and then completely plated with gold and silver in a special handicraft galvanic process. The precious metals are 24k gold and pure 1000 silver. After a final vitrificationand hot over drying process, each sculpture ready to maintain its colors unchanged for several years.

The sets were inspired by different historical cultures, giving you the possibility to choose the model that best suits your preferences. Whether you will go for a Japanese-themed model or a Napoleon Bonaparte-themed one, your chess battles will surely be memorable. Customers can choose to purchase complete sets, or just the chess parts, chess table, or chess plate.

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