Superb Alpine Trial Centenary Collection from Rolls-Royce

This year Rolls Royce is celebrating a remarkable automotive endurance performance that happened 100 years ago. Back in 1913, four Silver Ghosts showed the world what excellence really meant by performing amazingly in the Alpine Trial, the most important endurance test of the time.

After a faultless performance over 1,820 miles of challenging mountain terrain, the model received the coveted title of “Best Car in the World”, as well as the Archduke Leopold Cup. One century later, the fabled British luxury car manufacturer is still a universal symbol of reliability, luxury, comfort, performance, and uncompromising style.

Paying tribute to the cars that cemented its reputation as a world-class manufacturer, Rolls Royce is introducing the Alpine Trial Centenary Collection, a limited edition of bespoke handcrafted vehicles that are meant to take your breath away. Even though this special edition is unquestionably modern, it boasts a series of features that evoke the elegance and style of the original cars. These include the black grille, the black wheels, and the superb blue exterior paint. Actually, this is the only contemporary Rolls-Royce model to feature a painted grille.

Inside the vehicle things get even more amazing. Packed with luxury conveniences, it is fit for royalty, no doubt about it. The beautiful clock chows various stages of the rally, while precise inlays show the distance and topography of the route on the front fascia and the picnic tables. Perfection? It might just be that.





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