Subtle And Practical OKA Charred Wood Tumbler

Whiskey is a very delicate drink, and those of you who are really passionate about it will definitely know what we mean by this. This fine drink requires quite a bit of time to mature in special casks, and it can be spoiled in no time at all if it is not served from a proper receptacle. And since drinking directly from the cask is not exactly a practical solution, a designer named Toms Liepkalns helped create a subtle and very practical charred wood tumbler named OKA.

Subtle And Practical OKA Charred Wood Tumbler

OKA can help you savor your favorite spirit without the fear of missing out on its subtle flavors, as it was created using premium white oak and is internally charred exactly in the same way that real whiskey barrels are. The great news is that the OKA charred wood tumbler is actually a part of a Kickstarter campaign, which means that you can currently pre-order one for about $39.

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