Stylish Bamboo MacBook Pro Cases from Silva Ltd.

Silva Limited encourages us to carry our laptops around with style. They have recently unveiled a new lineup  of sophisticated MacBook Pro cases made of bamboo. Each piece is handcrafted from a single sheet of bamboo, with dedication and great attention to details.

The solid bamboo sheet is carved by hand to fit your Apple device, and then it is burnished and oiled to perfection. Manually applied Tung oil and a double coat of polyurethane ensure an impeccable finish. Finally, the interior is carefully lined with a fine woolen fabric for extra tender protection. The strap is made of high quality leather and it is designed to also work as a locking mechanism for the case. Its ends feature strong snap-on buttons that hold the two pieces of the case together. Each Silva MacBook Pro case is priced at $179.99.

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