Stunning Quartz Jewelry Box by Harry Winston and Stephen Burks

If you love fine jewelry you already know who Harry Winston is and you probably are one of the brand’s many loyal fans and frequent customers. The latest exquisite piece created by the fabled American jewelry and Swiss watch manufacturer is a one-of-a-kind jewelry box carved from a single piece of beautiful white quartz.

Harry Winston was contacted by Wallpaper Magazine, who commissioned a special handcrafted luxury object for their special Handmade issue, which comes out every year. The invitation was received with excitement, knowing that this was an excellent “occasion to create something that was entirely new and unexpected for the House”, as Sandrine de Laage put it (Sandrine is Art Director and Global Vice President for Harry Winston, Inc.).

Then came the idea of making a unique jewelry box that would be just as precious, rare and exquisite as the diamonds that the company uses in its creations. For this very special project artist Stephen Burks was invited to bring his talent and skill to the team and help create the box.

The result was a stunning piece of art with an emerald-cut shape and lace-like precision carving that allowed the viewer to catch glimpses of what lies inside. All pieces of jewelry are set on custom stands, so they never get bundled into each other at the bottom of the box. They are then placed onto a transparent crystal tray, leaving the impression of floating in midair.




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