Stunning Octopus Diver’s Watch by Romaine Jerome

Romaine Jerome has unveiled its first diver’s watch, a real beauty and a true technical wonder. Called Octopus, it is unsurprisingly a new model in the iconic Titanic DNA Collection. It features an internal unidirectional rotating sapphire bezel, but you know this is not just any ordinary bezel: it also features oxidized and stabilized steel sourced from the real ship in the ocean.

The two crowns situated at 3 and 9 o’clock feature engraved octopus shapes, and so does the caseback. Number 8 – representing the number of an octopus’ arms – is present all over the timepiece. The 45mm case feature 8 octagonal (8 again) head screws, and it can offer underwater protection to up to 888 meters. Also, the beautiful watch will only be produced in 888 examples.

For perfect visibility at high depths, where light is scarce, the hands and hour markers have been coated with SuperLuminova “Blue Emission” reflective substance. The price for one superb Octopus watch is $14,900, but you can also opt for the Black and Metal Octopus versions, which are slightly cheaper: $13,750.




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