Stunning Maafushivaru Resort, Maldives

Maafushivaru is one of those magical places in the Maldives where luxury meets laid-back lifestyle and creates a dreamy environment for all its guests. The resort is situated on the southern tip of the Ari atoll and it offers excellent accommodation in three different types of villas, all of which boast a beautiful combination of modern chicness and local Maldivian influences.

Beautifully renovated in 2010, Maafushivaru can be reached by seaplane from the Male International Airport. A 25-minute flight will take you there, in a place where worries and quotidian preoccupations magically disappear in an instant.

You won’t need any shoes on the island, because barefoot sophistication is exactly what makes the resort so appealing. Keep your Jimmy Choos safe in your luggage and go outside to feel the fine and warm sand under your feet, even in the Library Lounge, Reception and Water Bar areas.

One of the features that guests love most about Maafushivaru is the nearby desert islet called Lonubo. This tiny getaway within a getaway is can be accessed exclusively by the resort’s guests and is often booked by in love couples for romantic lobster dinners for two. Sounds quite magical to us.

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