Stunning £3.5 Million Sculpture of Leo Messi’s Left Foot

The fact that Leo Messi broke the records by scoring 91 goals in 2012 has inspired many people in many ways. While young soccer players have an idol to look up to, others found inspiration in a very different way. Japanese jewelry producer Ginza Tanaka was inspired to make an exact replica of the famous Argentinian soccer player’s left foot – the one that had helped him score so many points over his career, and especially last year.

The incredibly accurately designed sculpture is made of solid gold and weighs a staggering 25 kilograms (approx. 55 pounds). Its rough dimensions are 25 x 28 x 16. This is definitely not a large sculpture, but still it was very difficult for its makers to find a buyer. The reason? Its intimidating price of £3.5 million (about $5.25 million)!

Obviously, the sculpture was designed with wealthy soccer lovers in mind. Not sure, though, if any interested fans of Messi will make the huge investment anytime soon. For those interested in a similar piece of memorabilia, Ginza Tanaka also created a smaller version of the sculpture, priced at only £28,000 ($42,000), and a framed golden footprint valued at £63,000 ($95,000).