Steve Jobs’ Venus Superyacht Is Magnificent

A yacht that meets the needs of an iconic personality such as Steve Jobs is bound to be purely spectacular. The Venus superyacht measures 260 feet and bears the name of the famed Roman goddess of love, which is fitting considering the fact that anyone can fall in love with it at a glance. Apart from its luxurious 14 cabins, the vessel also impresses with an exterior sitting area that features a beach umbrella. The yacht’s design is somewhat controversial, but this is simply a matter of taste and preference.

What makes Venus really special presently is its mysterious aura, as nobody really knows who its owner is. As you are definitely aware by now, Steve Jobs never got to see the vessel in its complete state, and some even state that not even his wife, Laurene Powell, owns it anymore. Nonetheless, whoever can claim the Venus as his own is one lucky individual, that’s for sure.


[Via – Gizmodo]

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