Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s First Apple Computer for Sale

While everybody is looking forward to the latest versions of iPhones, iPads, iPods, iMacs, and other Apple products, you might want to try looking in a different direction: backwards and towards the very beginning of Steve Jobs’ immense empire. Here you will find something really amazing: the first personal computer from Apple, the revolutionary Apple 1.

Everything that we use today for portable music, videos, and phone conversations and which bears the iconic Bitten Apple logo has its origin in this basic circuit board built by Jobs and his partner Steve Wozniak. This computer lacked all basic features, like a monitor, keyboard, or case, and this is exactly how you can buy it now. Sotheby’s will soon auction one completely functional Apple I, together with its BASIC User’s Manual, original cassette interface, and operating manuals.

The sale will take place on June 15, and the computer is expected to fetch up to $180,000. Does that sound like something you can’t afford to miss?





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