State-of-the-Art The Adventures of Tintin Eyewear by Oakley

When the new Adventures of Tintin will hit the theaters on December 21, you can choose to watch the movie with normal 3D glasses, or with these outstanding creations by Oakley, created in collaboration with Paramount Pictures.

The limited edition glasses will offer you a unique and unforgettable experience watching the captivating movie produced by Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy, and directed by Steven Spielberg. These are the first optically correct 3d glasses in the world, meaning that “They provide truer alignment of 3D images, so you won’t see the ghosting that comes with ordinary 3D glasses”.

Only 4,000 pieces will ever be made, and the lucky customers will be able to use them both at home and in cinemas. Priced at $150, the glasses have official certification by RealD(R), which is the most widely used 3D technology in the world. The Adventures of Tintin must be enjoyed with popcorn, soda, and the limited edition 3D eyewear by Oakley.

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