Spyker Announces that the B6 Venator will Reach Production

Excellent news from Spyker! After having unveiled the gorgeous B6 Venator concept at Geneva, the Dutch sports car manufacturer was surprised at how well the public reacted to it. Obviously, they had expected people to be excited about the new concept, but according to the company’s CEO, Victor Muller, the reactions exceeded their expectations.

Consequently, Spyker has promised a serial version of the car, scheduled for completion in 2014. Since the decision is fresh, exact specifications of the production B6 Venator are not available yet, but Muller assured fans that “the final design of the car will not be much different from the concept version”. It already sounds awesome!

Some of the most remarkable features of the concept include an aluminum chassis, carbon fiber body, and a mid-mounted V6 engine with over 375 HP. Other characteristics that fans liked are the massive grille, aircraft-engine-like taillights, the panoramic roof, and the very retro interior design. Check out the gallery below for some really nice high-quality pics of the B6 Venator.

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