Splendid Mahali Mzuri Safari Camp By Richard Branson

Many people wish to travel to Africa and experience a remarkable safari adventure, but most of them would prefer to do it in comfort and luxury as opposed to accepting modest living conditions during their stay. For this reason, numerous companies as well as wealthy individuals such as Richard Branson decided to create luxurious safari camps right in the heart of Africa. Such an example is the Mahali Mzuri Safari Camp in Kenya, which was designed and built with the help of Real Studios and by Design.

Placed conveniently right on the Motorogi Conservancy, the camp boasts with 20 suites that were designed to resemble tall and luxurious tents. Each suite comes with its own private terrace and features massive floor-to-ceiling windows that ensure breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. This private establishment has a maximum capacity of 24 people, which means that it will never be too crowded for comfort. Highlights include a spa as well as a beautiful infinity pool, but we should also mention the guided tours that allow guests to enjoy a closer look at the natural African paradise of Kenya.










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