Spend a Lavish Vacation at Palazzo Gorgoni in Italy

If you choose to spend your next vacation in Italy, we have a suggestion for a luxury resort. It is called Palazzo Gorgoni, and it is located on the Salento Peninsula of Puglia in Galantia. The building is actually an 18th century palace, and even though it was thoroughly reconditioned, it still keeps a unique, romantic charm.

On the inside, the palace boasts wonderful 21st century interiors, with minimalist furnishings, contemporary works of art, and many top-notch amenities. The palazzo is surrounded by superb outdoor spaces that welcome guests to a magical world of comfort and luxury.

There are 8 lavish bedroom suites to choose from at Palazzo Gorgoni, two dining rooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and inviting relaxation and wellness areas that also include fitness facilities. The palace has a lemon tree shaded courtyard, plus an inner courtyard with swimming pool and lounging area. For more privacy and relaxation, the roof also features a terrace with lounging spot and pergola.

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