Spectacular Twin’ZElectric Car by Renault&Ross Lovegrove

Simple, fluid, organic, and inspired by nature – this is what defines the amazing design of the new Twin’Z electric vehicle from Renault. The car was developed together with visionary designer Ross Lovegrove and is part of the company’s series of vehicles inspired by the different stages of the human life. It represents playfulness, and it comes after 4 previous concepts: DeZir (representing love), Captur (which stands for exploration), R-Space (family), Frendzy (work).

Twin’Zhas roots in the Renault 5 and the Twingo, and it boasts a wonderful display of LED lights both inside and outside. The most impressive part of the vehicle, however, is its totally unconventional interior. Aside from the fresh play of bright colors and flowing shapes, the cabin features a minimalist control panel, efficiently reduced to a smart phone and a tablet. The phone displays all the main essential data above the steering wheel, while the tablet can be consulted for extra information and functions, right between the two front seats.

Speaking of seats, they are absolutely amazing, being crafted from lightweight carbon fiber and wrapped in a comfy woven textile. The rear seats seem to naturally grow from the car’s body shell. Our only question is how comfortable are those back seats since they come with no apparent backrest? But the car is reportedly a work in progress, so maybe a solution will be found for this detail as well. Otherwise, we really love it.

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