Special Motoroil By Porsche Classic

Even though the engines on most modern cars were designed to run on a variety of engine oils, the same cannot be said for older, classic vehicles. In Porsche’s case, its older 356, 911, and 993 models that feature air-cooling systems actually require special oil in order to function properly, which is why a company called Porsche Classic decided to create its very own motor oil tailored specifically for the needs of these amazing cars.

The Porsche Classic Motoroil features 2 versions, both of which were tested thoroughly before being released in order to make sure that they would be up to par with their expectations. Indeed, the tests revealed that this particular product is a perfect choice for older flat-four and flat-six Porsches that boast air-cooling, as it ensures a steady pressure at low idle speeds, great lubrication, optimum temperature and outstanding leak prevention. If you own a classic 356, 911 or 993 Porsche, you should definitely consider using this incredible new motor oil by Porsche Classic, especially if you want your old four-wheeler to run properly for years to come.

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