Sparking Joy: The Art of Letting Go

Sparking Joy: The Art of Letting Go

Living in a clean environment affects your mind more than you like to admit. Living in an unorganized mess makes it difficult to get anything done. Messiness adds to your stress and increases the likelihood that you lose things. Luckily, decluttering is relatively straightforward.

 Benefits of Decluttering and Letting Go 

An organized life offers many benefits. It does not take as long as you think to get started. Here are our favorite benefits from the organization.

Lose Things Less Frequently:

When was the last time that you had difficulty finding your keys? If you answered that question with, “Which time? “, you are not organized enough. When you organize things, it is much more challenging to lose track of your stuff. This means you spend less time searching for your things and more time living.

Be More Productive:

When you continuously have to search through piles of clutter, it limits your productivity. You can spend all of that time in searching through things on something more productive elsewhere. When you organize your things, you make it possible to be as productive as you can.

Maintain Things Better:

You will even spend less money when you have an organized life. That is because you will replace things less often. When you keep things organized, they are less likely to get broken. An unorganized rim represents plenty of opportunities to break something accidentally. The opposite is true of a well-kept room.

 Decluttering Tips for Your Home and Life 

You may be wondering how you can become more organized? That is a great question to ask. Everyone will find the most effective way for them is a little different from other people. However, we believe the following advice will be universally helpful.

Clean Throughout the Day:

Many times people procrastinate because they do not feel like cleaning all day long. There is nothing that requires you to clean everything each time you clean. You will be more motivated to clean if you only clean one thing at a time. Break up all of your chores and do them sequentially.

Deep Clean Once a Month:

It would be best if you cleaned everything at least once a month. When you let things go for longer than a month, the work builds up. Then, when you do get around to it, you have a massive amount of work to do. By regularly deep cleaning, you avoid this.

Create a Personal Organization System:

Everyone will have a system that works best for them. It will not be the same for each person. Your task is to discover which organizational system works the best for you. We recommend trying out several different organizational systems. Keep trying until you find one that clicks. Once you find the one that clicks, work hard to implement it. It takes time and effort. After you have stuck with it long enough, it should become a habit. At that point, you should have a much easier time maintaining the system.

Declutter Your Finances to Destress: 

It may not be as noticeable as a cluttered room, but organized finances are equally as stressful. Tracking and organizing your finances is the first step to financial freedom. Tracking your expenses not only allows you to see where your money is going, but it also helps assess your budget and areas that need trimming. For instance, if your Direct Energy bill has significantly increased, you can look into ways to lower your utility bill by either conserving energy or finding a more affordable rate for your family. The money you save will go a long way towards reducing your stress at the end of the month. There are probably other areas of your financial life that could be better organized as well. The more organized your financial life is, the less stressful paying bills becomes.

 The Joys of an Organized Life   The organization is an essential aspect of adulthood. It is nearly impossible to function if you live in a cluttered environment. Once you learn what the benefits are of decluttering, it is addictive.

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