South Florida’s Wildlife on Display Via Cruise

Taking a day cruise out of South Florida is a unique way to spend the day in the warm Atlantic waters and see the vibrant examples of marine life in this part of the world. People who want to host an unforgettable birthday bash, wedding party, corporate shindig, or other spectacular events can book something special on a private charter. Boat charters can include customized menus, dancing, drinks, and opportunities to see the incredible creatures that call South Florida home. Finding the best bottomless brunch spots in Fort Lauderdale can lead to a day full of fun. Here are some facts about the aquatic creatures you may be able to spot on a cruise from Miami.


The Florida Manatee, or Sea Cow as some people call it, is one special creature you may encounter during your boat charter. These large, gentle creatures are found in shallow rivers, bays, coastal waters, and estuaries of South Florida. Manatees are slow-moving mammals that like to eat seagrass and other aquatic plants. Manatees are classified as a protected species, so it’s illegal for people to hunt, capture, or harass them. Some manatees have collided with boats or other watercraft, causing them injury or death. It’s important for boats to follow all speed regulations to prevent manatee accidents.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are another type of animal that is commonly found in the waters off the coast of Miami. From April to November, sea turtles can be found nesting on the beaches of South Florida. The most common species of sea turtles in this region include loggerhead, green, and leatherback. Nesting sites are protected, making it unlawful to disturb eggs, hatchlings, and the nesting area.


Another creature that is frequently spotted during cruises on party yacht rentals is the bottlenose dolphin. This intelligent mammal can sometimes be seen swimming along with a boat during a cruise. Some passengers have reported seeing groups of playful dolphins out at sea, jumping and feeding alongside the vessel. Even though dolphins may seem friendly, it’s never a good idea to jump into the water and attempt to swim with them. It’s best to view them from a distance while onboard the boat.


The South Florida ocean waters are also home to a variety of stingray species. The Atlantic stingray is found in shallower waters and can be as large as two feet. In the mudflats by the bay, the bluntnose stingray may be found. Other types of stingrays that passengers may get a glimpse of during a cruise include the yellow stingray, the roughtail stingray, and the southern stingray. These creatures may look intimidating, but they are surprisingly gentle and shy. Like other wild animals, swimmers shouldn’t attempt to join a group of stingrays and swim with them.


During a cruise, it’s also possible to spot some of the different varieties of jellyfish found in the Atlantic Ocean. Swimming with these jellyfish can be nerve-wracking because some of them may sting, but passengers on a charter can safely admire these beautiful animals without worrying. Some boat charter visitors have seen moon jellyfish, cannonball jellyfish, sea nettles, box jellyfish, and mauve stingers floating on the surface of the water during a trip.


Shorebirds and migratory birds are often seen while cruising throughout the Miami area. Touring the area via boat allows guests to get a little closer to some of these incredible species of birds and see them flying and feeding along the ocean’s surface. Some common birds guests may see include gulls, pelicans, herons, egrets, and spoonbills. Guests should always follow the proper yacht charter etiquette for their own safety and for that of the different bird species they may see. It’s especially important to avoid throwing trash into the ocean because it could harm these animals.


The last common animal that visitors aboard a cruise charter ship may spot is a shark. Spotting a shark while safely aboard a sea vessel can be an exciting moment. The sharks that make this area their home include tiger sharks, great white sharks, bull sharks, great hammerhead sharks, mako sharks, lemon sharks, and reef sharks. Florida has some of the largest populations of sharks in the world, making it a great destination for people who want to spot wildlife.

Visitors to the Miami area can discover the many different varieties of sea animals that live in the waters near the beach. Taking a private boat charter gets people closer to where these animals live, eat, and play.