Sony Lens Camera for Professional Shots via Smartphone

Rumor has it that Sony is working on an innovative product called Lens Camera. This new gadget is reportedly meant to help people take professional-quality photos using their smartphones. Sounds appealing? Here’s more: the lenses have no controls of their own, because that would make them too similar to regular cameras, and consequently quite redundant.

The novelty about the Lens Camera is that it is just a lens (no LCD screen either, obviously) that can be attached to a tablet or smartphone, be it an Android or an iOS-based device. It is still only a concept at the moment, but when Sony will put it on the market, it will definitely find a lot of gadget-enthusiast buyers.

The lens will be fitted with SD card slots, built-in sensor, Wifi/NFC wireless connection capabilities, and Bionz processor. No word on its pricing and launch date, but they say it will come in two versions.