Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Technology is becoming more advanced and exciting. With busy American lives, kitchens are getting efficient, convenient, and smarter. In recent times, kitchen design is not just about style and color; it is also about making life more comfortable and saving on time as well as energy. From a WiFi-enabled instant pot, a smart air fryer, a seven-in-one smart oven, to a smart refrigerator with a family hub, the kitchen is rapidly becoming a high-tech space.

When shopping for new smart kitchen appliances, you may want to go for devices that will help you save on time, energy, and make life easier for you and your family. Lower your energy consumption, reduce your utility bills, and upgrade to an energy-efficient home with these four gadgets.

 Smart Instant Pot 

The WiFi-enabled instant pot is a programmable 8-in-1 multi cooker that acts as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, cake maker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté pot, and a warmer. All these functions can be controlled from your mobile devices such as cooking, adjusting tempo, scheduling, and monitoring your meal’s progress on the go.

With the instant pot app, you can access hundreds of recipes to try out. You do not have to watch the progress of your meals or even stir since you can monitor the progress through your mobile device and get notification of the progress. The instant pot is also compatible with Alexa voice control to start your meals before you get home.

Enjoy accessories that come with the pot, including a stainless-steel rack, a soup spoon, condensation collector, and measuring cup. For safe pressure-cooking, the smart pot is packed with safety features such as a safety lock and overheating protection.

 Smart Air Fryer 

Cook tons of recipes with the smart air fryer that comes with eleven cooking presents and an app to control its settings on the go. Use the air fryer for cooking your favorite meals without touching a button through Alexa voice control.

The air fryer creates a deep-fried taste to your meals without using fat in your cooking. All your meals can be cooked in under 20 minutes, reducing the time you spend in the kitchen and reduce power, saving you money.

 7-in-1 Counter top Oven 

This multipurpose counter top oven acts as a convection oven, slow cooker, air fryer, toaster, dehydrator, and warmer all done at your favorite counter spot. If that is not sufficient to impress you, the oven comes with voice control. You can also watch a live video of your cooking and get notified when your food is ready.

Whether you are roasting steak for friends or warming a left-over lasagna, this oven makes mealtime easy. The smart 7-in-1 oven saves you both time and energy, helping you lower your utility bills.

 Smart Refrigerator with a Family Hub 

A refrigerator is no longer just a place to keep your food cold since you can now interact with smart fridges, which is becoming a popular trend for busy families. You can interact with the smart refrigerator through features such as a touchscreen hub that connects to the internet, helping you create grocery lists. For convenience, your grocery list is synced to your smart device in real-time.

You can also look up recipes through the hub and set reminders on your groceries’ expiration date. Other exciting features include interior cameras for you to view what groceries are inside without opening the door. You can also customize temperature for individual compartments.


With smart kitchen gadgets, you can easily control your energy usage through various energy-saving strategies. Many of these products are not only energy efficient but time efficient; cutting down cooking time to a fraction of the time it would take with traditional appliances. For instance, cooking a pot roast in an instant pot takes about 45 minutes compared to four hours in a traditional oven. These appliances allow you to focus more time on other things, help you conserve energy as well as cutting your Ohio gas rates. Smart kitchen appliances are a triple threat saving your time, energy and money.

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