Sleek Panoramic Wall Aquariums by AquaVista

When you renovate your home, there is always at least one item that you don’t want to give up but which no longer matches the new décor. If for you that item is your old but very much loved fish tank, then we might have a great solution to your problem.

Check out the amazing Panoramic Wall Aquariums from AquaVista. They are available in a variety of dimensions and trims, which means that everyone can find a model to suit their taste and go well with the room. It is also quite easy to install on any wall.

Probably the best thing about the classy aquariums is that they need only 15 minutes of maintenance per month. Its integrated LCD control panel allows you to program the lighting system, the feeder, the plant care system and more. Just put the tank up, set the desired program and start enjoying your very own water ecosystem every day.