Sip, Sun, and Sea: Bachelorette Bliss on a Cruise

Planning the wedding of your dreams can be incredibly stressful. However, there is one pre-wedding tradition that is all about having fun – your bachelorette party.

Imagine yourself and up to twelve of your closest friends basking in the sun, sipping tropical cocktails, and enjoying the stunning scenery aboard a private tiki boat cruise in the crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys. The possibilities are endless, and you decide how to spend your time. Just tell your captain which sandbar to go to and sit back and relax on your private charter tiki boat cruise.


Sun and Sandbars

Planning a bachelorette party can be a hassle. However, a Tiki boat cruise provides a sustainable, stress-free, enjoyable experience. The privacy and exclusivity of private charters make your party unforgettable while being affordable enough to include as part of a destination weekend.

Coolers and Bluetooth speakers are provided. Bring your favorite drinks, snacks for the evening, and a customized bachelorette music playlist.


Create Moments to Remember

Key West Tiki Boat offers charters ranging from 2-8 hours in groups of 6-12 people, and your pet is welcome. Optional activities include paddleboarding, snorkeling, and water mats and floats. You can also choose a boat with double waterslides and a sundeck with beanbag chairs, or hop on the 20-foot lily pad.

The Tiki boat cruise offers plenty of space to soak up the sun on the sundeck while sailing towards your preferred sandbar. You can sip your favorite drink and listen to your playlist in peace, away from the noise of a nightclub or other shared venues. The boat provides seclusion and privacy for you and your guests to enjoy your time together.


Day or Evening Bachelorette Parties

Once you have decided to spend this special day with your closest friends in a tropical paradise, it is time to decide what kind of party you are having.

If an afternoon of sunbathing on the sundeck, listening to your favorite party tracks, sliding side by side with your friends into the ocean, snorkeling in the turquoise waters of Key West, observing marine life, and exploring sandbars and small islands, is what you have in mind then consider booking an afternoon party

Conversely, if it is a relaxing get-together catching up with your closest friends that you prefer, consider an evening cruise. Watch the sunset over the Keys, feel the wind in your hair and take in the spectacular night views.


What To Bring

It is recommended that you bring a towel and sunblock. Consider giving these as bachelorette gifts to commemorate the day. Bring plenty of drinks to stay hydrated and snacks for hungry guests. Coolers for food and beverages are provided. Safety equipment is standard on all tiki boats, so there is no need to bring life jackets. Grab a free bachelorette party checklist from The Knot.


Book Now

Go ahead and reserve your private tiki boat cruise before your day books up, and give your guests plenty of time to coordinate their schedules. Your unforgettable luxury bachelorette cruise awaits you.


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