Single Page from a 1940 Batman Comic Sold on eBay

It’s amazing how much people are willing to pay for original comics! And while we can understand why a mint example of the comic book in which a superhero made its debut can fetch as much as $2 million, it is really difficult to understand how why anyone would give a penny on this particular lot: a single poor quality page from a 1940 comic.

Yes, it is part of a Batman #1 comic, but it is only one torn page that received a No Grade (NG) rating from CGC. Nevertheless, a diehard fan felt it was worth spending $660 on the vintage sheet. The page marks the debut of one of the Dark Knight’s arch enemies – The Joker.

Quite interestingly, the seller has 22 more pages from the book, as well as its back cover. So if torn comic book pages sound good to you, stay active on eBay, because this is where you will get them from. Apparently the pages come from one single copy, and we will not ask why they were torn apart.

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