Silavadee Pool Spa Resort: A Haven of Tranquility

For those who are looking for a truly pristine spot where they can spend a luxurious vacation in perfect silence and serenity, we recommend the Silavadee Pool Spa Resort, with access to the most private beach on Koh Samui, a lovely island in Thailand.

Offering a high level of privacy and uncommon seclusion, the resort is set on a rocky hill with stunning views over the Gulf of Siam. Its name is Thai for “beautiful rock” (which obviously sounds much better in its original version), and reflects the unique beauty of the area. Naturally decorated with rocks and boulders, the property is a true pleasure to look at.

Silavadee features 36 beautiful rooms and 19 villas, the latter boasting private pools and gorgeous views. The powdery sand of the beach invites guests to enjoy the sun and the silence of the surroundings. No disturbing sound can spoil the peaceful atmosphere. Here one can only hear the tranquil music of the waves, the gentle breeze caressing the trees, and sometimes the delicate chatter of the diners up the hill.

Dining at Silavadee is also a memorable experience. The Height restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, including Thai specials and Italian classics. Everything on the menu is meant to satisfy even the most squeamish of guests.

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