Sheer Luxury on the Outstanding Big Fish Superyacht

Big Fish is the name of a 45-meter (147-foot) superyacht, the first of a new generation built by Aquos Yacht in collaboration with McMullen & Wing. This amazing long-range vessel was completed in 2010 and it is able to circumnavigate the globe with the ease of a marine creature. Whether you want to explore the Amazon, the French Riviera, the Caribbean, The Galapagos, or the fascinating Antarctica, this fully-equipped luxury expedition yacht will take you there without hesitation.

Large enough to comfortably accommodate up to ten guest and ten more crew members, this vessel is all about luxury and sophistication. The ladies will even have the possibility to wear high heels on the exterior decks, as these are made of epoxy-infused granite instead of the traditional teak, which is also a more environmentally-friendly material than the latter.

As far as fun on water is concerned, you won’t have to worry about a thing. If you like fishing, or exploring the shimmering ocean, an impressive array of toys and scuba diving gear awaits you inside the yacht. This also includes a 7.8-meter (25.5-foot) Triple Ripple tender. The Big Fish is a multiple-award wining luxury yacht and you can have it all for yourself for $29,000,000. If that’s a little too much for your pocket, then you can just charter it for $245,000 per week.

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