Shastra Steak Knives Set by Blades of the Gods

‘Blades of the Gods’ has become an iconic name in the Balinese culture and when it comes to it, there is something truly important that you should learn –it has no less than 1100 years of blacksmithing experience behind it. So it is no wonder that the cutlery crafted by the Balinese professionals is absolutely impressive. One of the latest items designed by the label is the Shastra Steak Knives Set. Apart from being very practical, the knives included in the set also flaunt a very unique design. They are adorned with sandblasted sterling silver elements, the handles are made of ebony and they boast Damascus blades.

And while on the topic of blades, another thing that is definitely worth mentioning about the ones of the knives in the Shastra Steak Knives Set consists of an amazing 161 layers of high carbon steel, pure nickel and manganese iron. Perhaps the most impressive feature that has the purpose of perpetuating tradition and also adds to the items’ appeal is the fact that the blades are hand-crafted. The box that houses the $9,150 set is as gorgeous as the set itself as it is made of black calf skin and Indian rosewood.

This is not the only high-end product with Damascus blades by Blades of the Gods. Another great example is the knife embellished with many precious stones including sapphires and rubies, called the Lubdhaka knife.

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