Selective Search – Matchmaking for the Rich

It’s common knowledge that money can’t buy happiness or love, but with the right amount of cash you can save yourself the trouble of randomly dating all the wrong people in your search for the right person. Barbie Adler’s matchmaking firm called Selective Search is dedicated to finding potential life partners for the rich, who are usually too busy to go explore the world in hope of finding true love.

Adler prides herself with an impressive portfolio of 1,487 marriages and 459 babies. She has been in the field for 13 years and while her initial fees ranged between $5,000 and $10,000, the firm’s undeniable success and demand has elevated the starting price to $25,000. Even so, she believes that “Life is so precious and what really matters is not at all what’s in the bank but what matters is how happy you are”.

This is why Adler is eager to help the wealthy find the right person with which to share their lives. She currently works with 35 full-time employees and some part-timers who analyze every client’s demands, wishes and standards, and recommend only those people who come closest to that specific profile. Many satisfied clients are the living proof that money really can make things easier in finding your soul mate. So would you pay $25,000 to have someone find your better half?

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