Secluded and Lavish Jasri Beach Villas in Bali

Offering extreme privacy, sheer luxury and total comfort, the Jasri Beach Villas are situated somewhere between the vast jungle of East Bali and the beautiful Indian Ocean. They are difficult to spot, like any true treasure must be. The two villas were designed by their owner/architect Warren Sunnland together with Bali-based Mekar Studio.
Inspiration for the project came from traditional Balinese architecture, but the villas also flaunt plenty of contemporary features, including air conditioning, flat screen TVs and much more. Hand sculpted stone and Merbau wood are some of the fine materials chosen for these lavish constructions. They also feature luxe furnishings and plenty of high-end amenities, such as walk in showers, an infinity pool, and excellent indoor-outdoor living and entertaining spaces.

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