Seat Leon Cup Racer Presented at GTI Wörthersee

If you are looking for an awesome car to have fun with on track, you should consider the new concept from Seat. Called Leon Cup Racer, the ride was unveiled at the GTI Wörthersee tuning festival, and interested customers can expect it ready for racing sometime next year.

The Spanish manufacturer will offer two types of packages, turning the car in either an endurance monster (€95,000/about $126,000)) or a sprint racer (€70,000/some $92,000). The single-seat hatchback will reportedly put out some 350 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, all this power being sent to the front wheels.

Transmission will be a six-speed sequential one with mechanical diff (for the endurance version), or a six-speed double-clutch one with electronically controlled diff (for the sprint variant). Wheels will be swapped with 18-inch ones, and the seat will be covered in a special type of leather that regulates moisture. You can learn more about it on Autoblog.

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