Sean Parker Builds $8.6 Million Backdrop for his Wedding

While some people buy luxury mansions with $9 million, Facebook billionaire Sean Parker uses this sum to create a medieval-inspired temporary set for his wedding with Alexandra Lenas. Apparently he has booked the entire Ventana Inn & Spa resort in California for the June 1 weekend. After a long engagement, the 34-year old entrepreneur is ready to say his vows, but he won’t take just any décor for this special moment.

Parker is building waterfalls, bridges, and even faux ruins for the event, and for this he has hired a landscaping company that is already on the set, working hard. The fairy-tale environment will also include a gated cottage in Big Sur and a $350,000 dance floor made of stone. Apparently a very specific dress code is also in order, and for this “Lord of the Rings” costume designer Ngila Dickson was hired. She will take care of the entire wardrobe for all guests, and they will not be allowed to participate in the celebration without her creations on.

Even though all this (and the fact that the wedding invitation emails had an old-scroll look) makes us certain that the entire theme will be medieval, and the garments will make no exception, the groom-to-be assures his guests that they will receive very modern wedding outfits, with only “some elements of Victorian flair and whimsy”.

And after all this magic is over and done with…the entire custom backdrop will reportedly be disassembled and taken (or thrown) away. Hopefully at least the $1 million plants and flowers will be salvaged and reused in some other place. In all, the construction and landscaping effort will set Parker back some $8.6 million.

[Via – Tmz and Latimes]

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