Sealegs Boat on Wheels Rolls Itself into the Water

If you like boat rides but don’t really enjoy launching and retrieving the craft every time you need to make the transition between land and water, you will definitely appreciate the innovative Sealegs concept. With this patented technology every passenger can enjoy a completely dry and safe experience, because no one will have to push or pull the boat into or from the water.

How does it work? The revolutionary concept is based on a set of motorized and steerable wheels that can be lowered and raised to meet your needs. Powered by a 24hp Honda driven hydraulic power-pack, the wheels can drive the boat in and out of the water at speeds of up to 10 km/h (6.21 mph).

Thanks to this smart system, your watercraft can be driven from its storage location (with all passengers onboard) onto the beach and into the water. When the wheels no longer reach the sand, they can be retracted into the ‘up’ position, and the boat can be operated normally.

To us, driving in a boat on wheels sounds really exciting! We definitely like the initiative and we bet many of you will too. Prices start at $150,000.

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