Sea Lion: The Fastest Amphibious Car Out There

Amphibious vehicles have always been exotic and interesting, but usually not very impressive on land. This reality, however, has been recently broken to pieces by the remarkable Sea Lion, a super-amphibious vehicle with an extreme design and matching performance both on water and on land. Powering this baby is a Mazda 13 B Rotary Engine, housed in a strong stainless steel body.

Its designer, M. Witt, worked for six years to complete his bold project, and now the remarkable vehicle is ready to conquer land and water. Initially, the car was designed to reach about 125 mph on land, and some 45 mph on water, but the final figures turned out to be much more impressive than that. The water top speed is 60 mph, while the land record is 180 mph.

With such an impressive performance, this is now the fastest amphibious land vehicle, and a true engineering masterpiece. The Sea Lion was also a big challenge for its designer, who had to come up with a hydro- and aerodynamic design that would increase performance on both surfaces, while also giving the vehicle a unique and very appealing look. The price for this intricate machine is $259,500.

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