Saatva Mattress Review: Five Star Luxury for Under $1000

Finding a luxury product for the lowest price is a shopper’s greatest thrill.  But imagine if you were also guaranteed ultra-premium quality, attentive customer service that rivals face-to-face transactions, and even a no-penalty trial period, all at an online-exclusive price.  One new generation Internet company, Saatva, is doing just this, offering deluxe mattresses like the ones you find in five-star resorts at up to 70% off the price of comparable beds stocked in traditional retail outlets.  In addition, the mattresses are eco-friendly with strong green credentials.

As an online-only company, Saatva boasts a cutting-edge business model that eliminates extraneous overhead costs, like rent and utilities, as well as commissions and manufacturing inefficiencies, allowing the company to deliver ultra-premium quality mattresses, without a premium price tag, directly to their customers’ doorsteps.  Consumers save money without sacrificing quality or customer service.

Saatva offers three comfort levels, including their flagship level, the “Luxury Firm,” rated the #1 comfort choice in the ultra-premium mattress classification.  We decided to test out their “Luxury Firm” level in a queen.  Immediately we were impressed by the quality of the bed.  Its organic cotton covering is soft and supple, and we felt that the comfort level was absolutely ideal. Saatva customers regularly testify that their new mattress provides the best night’s sleep they’ve ever experienced and we concur.  We absolutely loved the product and felt that it was worth much more than the asking price.  The bed maintained its quality feel during our test and offered a great balance between comfort and support.  I personally haven’t slept better in quite some time; my BeautyRest that was over 3 times the price didn’t offer close to the same level of sleep quality.  Not surprisingly, Saatva carries over 1000 Google reviews and its not hard to see why their mattresses have so highly regarded by their customers.

Not only did we find the beds luxurious and affordable, but we were impressed by the fact that they are built using high quality American-made components. Saatva mattresses are built with a patented “coil-on-coil” technology for maximum comfort and durability, a feature that can only be found in other ultra-premium mattresses that cost well over $2,000.  Any lingering skepticism about buying a mattress online is eased by Saatva’s always-on-call customer service team and a 30-day home trial with no restocking or penalty fees.  What’s the catch?  There isn’t one as far as we can tell.

However, if for any reason a product does not meet a customer’s needs,Saatva will refund the purchase within the 30-day trial or exchange the mattress for a more appropriate comfort level.  Saatva mattresses also have a chiropractic seal of approval and a 15-year warranty.

Adding to the almost too good to be true deal offered by Saatva, environmentally friendly consumers and those with allergies will be thrilled to know that all Saatva mattresses are eco-friendly, designed with recycled and organic materials and bio-based foams that are never manufactured with formaldehyde. Unlike other brands, Saatva mattresses have never been known to cause any allergic reactions.

Considering all of these features, it is clear that Saatva stands for the ultimate balance of quality, comfort, health, environmental consciousness, and affordability. That’s why Saatva has been the best-reviewed mattress on Google for the past two years, and the company doesn’t show any signs of stopping.  After almost two months with the product we concur with their happy customers.  Love Saatva!


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