Runway Inspired Golf Wear

Upon first glance at the Toby Tucker Golf line, one is met with a visual of casual sportswear with a sharp runway attitude. This is no surprise, as the designer behind the line, Toby Tucker, started her professional life at Vogue and Glamour magazines, and eventually became Fashion Director at In-Style for 9 years. This gives her line instant credibility, as she has seen the evolution of fashion for over a decade, and draws her inspiration from the numerous runway shows she has attended in New York, Paris, and Milan.

Toby Tucker has a long history of golf, from her experience at a junior golf program at age 5, to her playing on an all-boys team at the University of Pennsylvania (there was no girls team at the time). Toby stated “I couldn’t help but notice a huge disconnect between what was available for me to wear on the golf course and fashion.” “I was not happy with what I was wearing on the golf course, either were my friends.” She has effectively challenged the common bulky golf ensemble with her creation of crisp, button down tops, bright anoraks, colorful A-line skirts, and wide legged-trousers.

Transition seems to be a huge challenge with golf wear, as one cannot easily go from the green to real life. “Women love to play golf, they also love to have lunch or cocktails afterward with out feeling like they have their workout clothes on,” Tucker states. Looking at the Toby Tucker Golf line, it is easy to picture the pieces at a post-golf luncheon or outing with friends.

Tucker attributes the amazing fit of her garments to her background in fashion. The fit of her golf wear comes from her experience styling at fashion shoots and her attention to details. “In order to meet the demands of my consumer, I pay extra attention to the fit of every garment. Ultimately, I want my customer to look her best.” The most fascinating aspect of her collection are the secrets behind the mechanics. The cotton button-down shirts have built in SPF, as well as excellent stretch so belly buttons won’t be revealed during a healthy swing. Other creative engineering are built-in sports-bras in halter dresses and angled shorts pockets so that scorecards don’t fall out.

Being a fashion-forward golf line, one may think there would be age-appropriate place for Toby Tucker Golf. Thankfully, this isn’t so, as her classy, fetching pieces are fit for a woman in her 60’s, just as easily as one in her 20’s. For example, the “Putting Skirt” is available in both 18 inches, as well as 24 inches for the ultra-conservative. Her pleated shorts and A-line skirts have no age restrictions.

Some of the favorites from the Toby Tucker Summer 2011 collection include the A-line pleated box skirt in black and white stripes, cotton seersucker pleated short, and water-resistant anoraks in kelly green and hot pink. If your interests lie beyond the golf course, Toby Tucker also has a sophisticated tennis line called Toby Tucker Tennis.

Written by Adrienne Jordan

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