Romantic things to decorate your luxe home with

A work-life balance is essential for emotional well-being. When people bring their work home, they trespass a boundary that needs to be preserved. A person’s home is a physical space that relaxes and soothes a person after a stressful and challenging day. It is where families spend time together, and couples forge a long-lasting bond. Hence, the material objects that one chooses to surround themselves with can have an impact on their family life and relationships.

Whether it is a new couple looking to redecorate their house, or a family welcoming a baby, here are some romantic elements that can be added to accentuate the calm and intimacy of a home.  

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are great for a bedroom or living room. They are simple but emulate a look of luxury. Sunlight can stream into a room through the thin fabric and brighten up space. This allows people to make good use of daylight and save up on electricity. If they get dirty, they are light enough to be washed in a washing machine. However, if privacy is a concern, then they are also available in the semi-sheer variety.


If the interior of a house incorporates a lot of whites and greys, then flowers can be installed in vases to complement the space. They also have the bonus of making the house smell great. When entertaining, flowers can be arranged on the dining room table or on living room side tables as a welcoming gesture.

Pillows and cushions

What is one bedroom element that is a must at hotels and inns? Pillows. Fluffy ones and lots of them. This may seem like an old housewives’ trick, but the more comfortable space is, the more romantic it would be. Nobody is going to be charmed by hard and uncomfortable pillows in the bedroom. Cushions can be added to fill up space with satin covers that complement the colour of the bed sheet.

Neutrals and pastels for walls

Walls painted in neutral, and pastel tones can create a relaxing environment in the house that encourages intimacy.

Scent diffusers

A house that smells amazing is a welcoming house. No wonder real estate agents like to bake cookies before a property viewing. The scent has a psychological impact on the human mind, and it can reduce stress levels. Oil, scent and reed diffusers are inexpensive, but they can make a space smell great. They can be arranged around the house, in living and bedrooms and can last for months.


Fabric beds with padded and velvet headboards can enhance the romance in a bedroom. Fitted with satin sheets and comfortable pillows, they can provide a luxury space for the homeowners to relax and enjoy a good movie together. Round chesterfield style Romantica beds are also great for the master bedroom. They have headboards made out of good quality leather which looks classy without looking too flashy or overbearing. Because of their comfortable upholstery, they are suitable for sleeping as well as sitting.  


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