Romain Jerome Puts the Moon on Your Wrist

The general advice is to avoid promising the moon to anyone, but today this kind of extravagant declarations is much closer to becoming reality than it ever was before. Romain Jerome, the renowned Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, has unveiled the outstanding Moon Dust Watch Collection flaunting real particles of moon dust!

Yes, every watch in this collection comes with a certificate that guarantees the fact that real moon dust particles were used in the mineral construction of the literally out-of-this-world dial. But that’s not all! These timepieces are also manufactured using steel from the space shuttle that landed on the moon back in 1969 – Apollo XI – and fibers from an international space station spacesuit.

With a 46mm case and a classy steel and carbon fiber bezel, the new model will only be produced in a limited edition of just 1,969 units. Ready to wear Moon DNA on your wrist?

Romain Jerome Puts the Moon on Your Wrist

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