Romain Jerome Diamond Rush

Romain Jerome Diamond Rush

How can a perfect Romain Jerome timepiece become even better? With a few dazzling diamonds, of course! Based on this principle, the luxury watchmaker has released three upgraded designs available in a number of different configurations. Each piece boasts handset gems for a little extraluxury.

Moon Invader 40

The futuristic design of the Moon Invader 40 model was already exquisite, but now it is more opulent than ever. Still boasting elements sourced from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, the watch is available in steel and black PVD, and it features 70 matching gems on the bezel. The darker version is decorated with 0.89 carats of black sapphires, while the lighter one is adorned with 0.71 carats of white diamonds. Each version is priced at around $14,000.

Moon Dust Red Moon Chronograph

Just one look at the dial and you know this watch is a tribute to our planet’s natural satellite. The cracked grey design of the dial was made by hand and to evoke the dusty surface of the moon. For the case, RJ used red gold and then added other fine ingredients to the recipe: diamonds for the lugs and carbon fiber for the bezel. This special edition piece will set you back $38,000.

Titanic DNA

The beautiful steampunk watch is available in a series of different materials, but each version is beautified by 286 dazzling gems. The original 50mm case was very impressive, evoking the greatness of the Titanic with details such as a mobile propeller at 6 o’clock and four large screwed pistons that fixed the movement. This upgraded version also speaks of the luxuries that were available on the legendary ship, with the addition of precious stones. These watches are priced at $30,000-$50,000.

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