Rolls-Royce Customers Prefer Their Cars Personalized

Rolls-Royce Customers Prefer Their Cars Personalized (3)

True luxury includes bespoke products, and apparently Rolls-Royce understands this very well. The renowned British automaker is ready to respond to their clients’ need for exclusivity and personalization, and this is making their clients very happy. After having expanded its customization workshops last year, approximately half of all Rolls-Royce clients wanted their Ghosts to flaunt a bespoke beauty.

Apparently 56 percent of all Ghost and Ghost Extended Wheelbase clients asked for customized designs. Personalization included special colors, unique coach lines, and some very high-end interior modifications like the addition of humidors, picnic cabinets, or champagne sets. The company’s CEO, Torsten  Müller Ötvös, declared that the brand’s goal is to always “exceed our clients’ highest expectations and fulfill their innermost desires”, and that’s exactly what they did in 2011.