Rohmir Luxury Fashion by Olga Roh

If you’re still looking for the best outfit to wear on New Year’s Eve, than maybe you should take a few moments to read this. In order to be the most glamorous lady at a party, you need to choose your apparel carefully. We have a suggestion for you: this year go Rohmir!

The designer behind Rohmir is Olga Roh, a descendant of Russian nobility who has formed her taste for style and refinement from early age. Her luxury creations are very feminine and seductive, glamorous and precious. Only the finest fabrics are used in her works, so prepare yourself to be spoiled with silk, fur and cashmere among other materials.

Drawing inspiration from different eras, Olga Roh knows how to perfectly combine different luxury styles in a new one. So for this New Year’s party, look for some ravishing evening gowns in her spring/summer 2011 collection called Rohmiricle. But remember you can always turn to Rohmir, even for everyday wear.

Rohmir Luxury Fashion by Olga RohRohmir Luxury Fashion by Olga Roh

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