Rock Regeneration Hennessey X.O. Mathusalem Luxury Cognac

World-leading cognac house Hennessy has recently launched a new extra old cognac blend in a very alluring bottle and a science-fiction-like packaging by artist Arik Levy. Dubbed the Rock Regeneration Hennessey X.O. Mathusalem, this cognac will be instantly recognized as a high-en delight by connoisseurs.

The black casing featuring different angular shapes contrasts beautifully with the curvaceous design of the premium bottle. They are both engraved with the “X.O.” initials which obviously stand for “extra old”. Further emphasizing the age and value of the blend is the last part of the luxe beverage’s name – Mathusalem. This aptly-chosen designation is actually the name of the longest-living person mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, who is said to have lived for 969 years. We love this powerful association of names: Hennessy and Mathusalem.

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