Richard Branson’s Virgin Oceanic Submarine for Adventurers

It seems that Richard Branson has got his mind set on defying limits. We already know about his bold plan to make space a new luxury destination for the rich and now we find out that he also intends to conquer the depths of the oceans.

The 18-feet long Virgin Oceanic submarine, designed by Graham Hawkes, was specially designed to be able to withstand tremendous pressure, as it is a deep-sea submarine. Branson plans to use it to explore the Mariana Trench, at some 36,200 feet under the ocean.

Approximately 250 of those who have already booked their tickets for space travel on Virgin Galactic’s commercial spacecraft have also declared themselves very interested in exploring the deepest parts of the oceans. Branson is very confident that this will make a great tourism business, as he sais: “Great business can come from great challenge”.

When Virgin Oceanic will make its maiden voyage, a team of filmmakers, engineers and scientists will be there to experience the thrills of deep sea tourism.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Oceanic Submarine for Adventurers

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