Retro Moto’s BMW R100 Scrambler

The gorgeous two-wheeler that we’re about to present is based on a stock ’95 BMW R100 motorcycle, but it is now so much more courtesy of Junior Burrell and his team of talented builders over at Retro Moto. The motorcycle was completely stripped down for this unique project, and it was rebuilt from the ground up using custom-made parts.

Retro Moto's BMW R100 Scrambler (5)

Retro Moto’s experts created a new alloy seat pan as well as a new stainless steel subframe. The pan was covered in foam for improved comfort and was enveloped in leather for a plus of elegance and fine taste. The stock monoshock suspension received an upgrade to progressive shock, while the frame and wheels were powder coated for a sublime finish.

Other noteworthy details include a superb 2-into-1 stainless exhaust system, LED Oberon turn signals, a Hella headlamp, Renthal handlebars, a single Acewell gauge and a gorgeous light blue coat of paint. Last but not least, in order to allow its new owners to show it off, Retro Moto added a cone style muffler to the exhaust system.

Retro Moto's BMW R100 Scrambler (2)

Retro Moto's BMW R100 Scrambler (4)

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