Residence Zanzibar Resort by HBA

Residence Zanzibar Resort by HBA (18)

Design firm Hirsch Bender Associates (HBA)designed a superb resort on the beautiful Zanzibar Island in the Indian Ocean. It boasts a total of 66 luxe villas, spread over 80 acres. The colorful culture of Zanzibar is reflected in the eclectic design of the resort, which shows different influences from the British, Swahili, Indian and Omani cultures. Many furniture pieces and artifacts were sourced from local shops and markets and reflect the area’s complex history.

For instance, the bathroom vanity counters flaunt Swahili patterns, the sconces show Omani motifs, the four poster beds are of British inspiration and the nightstands feature Indian materials and shapes. Each villa is offers the very best in terms of luxury and comfort, boasting private swimming pools, terraces and many other alluring amenities.

Hand painted scenes of Zanzibar and different photos of Dhows (an Arab sailing boat) decorate the walls of the Residence Zanzibar resort, while local handmade vases complete the Spa decor, carved trunks embellish the Lobby and oversized tea kettles give a plus of charm to the Pavilion Restaurant. A warm combination of soft shades of beige and white, together with sandy tiles and honey-colored woods create an inviting atmosphere that encourages every guest to unwind and enjoy the vacation. See more in the following pictures.Residence Zanzibar Resort by HBA (1)