Residence in Pleasant Bay

Residence in Pleasant Bay

The idea was to create the perfect summer home and winter house in one residence, and Charles Rose Architects managed to do exactly that. The property is actually a small complex of building with a main house, a detached office tower and an art studio and guest apartment.

With a quite extensive use of glass in one of the main house’s room, the dwelling offers beautiful views of the water, just as the owners had previously required. What water, you ask? Well, you should know that this property overlooks Cape God’s Pleasant Bay. This makes it a wonderful summer residence, inspiring freedom and joy.

During winter everything is just as welcoming as it is in the warm season. The architects created a low copper roof that helps create a nice, cozy feeling for everybody inside. Another good thing about the low roof is that it contributes to the delimitation of the private areas. All in all, we believe this makes a great home for year-long living.

Residence in Pleasant BayResidence in Pleasant BayResidence in Pleasant Bay