Remote Locations Only Accessible by Private Jet

Celebrity couple arrived at the airport and heading to the driver and black car that is waiting for them. Private aeroplane is in the background.

The world is a very big place with many incredible places to see. There are also a few destinations that are not quite as accessible as others and this includes a handful of jaw-dropping locations which are only accessible by private jet. These secluded spots have been shut off from the majority of the world for a long time, yet the fact that private jet chartering is becoming more affordable means that it is now becoming possible for people to see these unique destinations.

Galapagos Islands

Perhaps most famous of all the destinations is the Galapagos Islands. This is one of the most unique destinations in the world and one of the best places to observe rare wildlife in its natural habitat with many animals found nowhere else. If you are an animal and/or nature lover then there is nowhere better to visit with a private jet being a lovely way to arrive at this beautiful destination.

Lady Elliot Island, Australia

Lady Elliot Island is an idyllic island 8-km northeast of Bundaberg but it can only be reached via a private jet. This tiny yet very peaceful and beautiful island is surrounded by alluring crystal clear waters and you can walk around the entire island in under an hour.

Necker Island

Nestled amongst the Virgin Islands is this tropical paradise owned by none other than Richard Branson. As you would expect, this ensures that it is a glamorous escape from the real world with beautiful private accommodation, a floating sushi bar, gorgeous beaches and amazing views out to sea.


If you feel like escaping your daily life and visiting somewhere unlike anywhere else in the world then Nauru is a good option. This is the most unvisited country in the entire world and the world’s smallest island nation with just 10,000 inhabitants. If you time your trip well then you could enjoy vast stretches of untouched sandy beaches to enjoy too.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

This breathtaking destination is a great place to observe the stunning Northern Lights and enjoy a range of brilliant wintery activities such as dog sledding, hunting, observing polar bears or kayaking. This is a destination that is not easily reached but is possible through private jet charter.

These amazing destinations are places that the majority do not get to see or have even heard of in many cases. This makes them the ideal place for an unforgettable, special and memorable vacation that will be quite unlike any other trip. These destinations are only accessible by private jet which only makes them more exclusive and desirable. A private jet is the ultimate form of transportation in terms of style and luxury so taking a flight to one of these destinations will be an incredible experience in itself.