Remarkable Lumen Superyacht Concept by Adam Voorhees

Project Lumen is a new superyacht concept by Adam Voorhees, designed with assistance from Lurssen architect Alexander Kodisch. It is a 92 meter (almost 302 feet) vessel which is meant to provide a natural connection between the various spaces onboard, including the indoor and outdoor areas. Every single space was cleverly designed to ensure a good relationship between the common, private, guest and crew zones.

This is a yacht that is meant to ensure an excellent time on the sea. Being such a large vessel, it required the two massive structural towers that can be seen in the sketches below. These monolithic structures are linked together by undulating planes that give the whole design a special allure, at the same time reinforcing its visual connection to the sea.

Boasting a sophisticated yet casual elegance, Lumen was designed for privacy. However, there are also plenty of opportunities to connect with people onboard or with the vastocean. Its multiple levels feature informal living areas as well as formal one, thus responding to the various needs of the guests.

Some of its most remarkable features include the double-height grand salon, which connects the main deck to the upper deck through a staircase and a double-height entrance. The open atrium is another spectacular area, as it penetrates all decks, welcoming light through the transparent bottom of a spa which is situated on the uppermost level.

Then there is the main deck with its lovely infinity pool with a glass wall. Right below this area the beach club with full spa facility invites everybody onboard for some relaxation. And finally, the owner’s spectacular suite is directly connected to a completely enclosed hangar for a private helicopter. Quite impressive, we have to say.

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