Red Frog Beach Resort in Bocas del Toro, the Caribbean

Located in the beautiful Bocas del Toro archipelago in the Caribbean, the Red Frog Beach Resort is a wonderful getaway that seems to attract more and more travelers each year. The pristine natural environment in which it is situated boasts a fascinating biodiversity, and the lucky ones often see amazing animals here: giant morpho butterflies, tree sloths, Capuchin monkeys, noisy parrots, and of course beautiful frogs with bright liveries in red or other colors.

In this magical place, the ambiance is calm and the laid-back nightlife is simply irresistible. Accommodation options are numerous and quite varied, but they all offer excellent living conditions and different types of luxe amenities. If you like privacy, you should choose one of the plush villas with two to six bedrooms, breathtaking ocean views and private pools.

There is also the option of staying in a private room that is part of the Inn at Red Frog Beach, if you feel like a whole villa is more than you need. And if you come here on a romantic vacation, the hilltop honeymoon king suite with lush garden and infinity pool is the perfect choice.

Adventurous guests can rent boogie boards, surfboards and snorkeling equipment and explore the azure waters, or they can go on fascinating Bocas boat tours, such as the underground island cave tour. You can also explore the island on your own with your very own jungle cart. There really is no room for boredom here.