Record Price for a Bunch of Tulips by Koons: $33.6 Million!

A bunch of tulips will brighten up any room, so why not  pay $33.6 million for one? Oh, yes, that’s exactly how much Stephen A. Wynn (aka Steve Wynn) paid for seven beautiful tulips that he carefully placed in “the intersection of Wynn and Encore in our resort” in Las Vegas.

By now you’ve probably guessed that we are not talking about an ordinary bunch of natural flowers, but about something much more opulent and unique. It is actually a colorful, glossy sculpture by the most expensive living artist of the world, Jeff Koons. The work of art is simply called “Tulips” and it is absolutely huge, like most of the artist’s famous creations.

His giant balloon figures are already world acclaimed, and passionate collectors are willing to splash mind-boggling amounts of money to have them all for themselves. This steel and chromium sculpture, however, is the most expensive of all Koons’ works: Wynn established a new record when he paid over $33 million for the extravagant bouquet.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the artist’s famous twisted balloon works is the fact that they seem both incredibly heavy and totally weightless at the same time. With a simple, sleek design, the Tulips seem so lightweight, that nobody would ever guess that in fact they feature 3 tons of steel. As Steve Wynn puts it, “if you see them, you will find the experience totally delicious.”

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